we moved

it’s been a little quiet around these parts. because we moved last sunday! it was quite a marathon, but we are finally all in. well, besides the piles of stuff still in the car… archer was mostly a happy camper during the packing stage (see above). the unpacking is a different story. it’s a much slower process. his “routine” has been reset, and we think teething may also be playing a part…

here is a set of some “before” pictures. i’m not a big fan of all the paint colors. blue, gray, lavender, greenish blue, yellow. hmmm. i think i’ll unpack before we even think of new paint. that makes me crazy just thinking of it. i have so many projects up my sleeve.

i don’t know how old this house is, but man. it’s old. i’ll have to ask our landlords. they live downstairs. so far we are incredibly happy with the location, and the unit will feel like home as soon as we finish cleaning, unpacking, and getting rid of the mice. yep. cute little baby mice trying to eat all our food… oh dear.

check back monday for some more good music!

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  • Melanie

    So glad to hear you are in. What a gorgeous looking new place!

  • http://ladyandlike.com Anna

    Ugh, such a cute place!!! Can we visit soon?? This week??

  • http://dwellintheseason.blogspot.com/ Amy @ dwell in the season

    Your new place looks beautiful! So many windows and lots of natural light. You will make that house a home, for sure. Can’t wait to see updated & decorated pictures! (Oh, and I got your super sweet card this week, thanks a ton!)