takemyhand walkwithme

i lay my soul out on the line
it’s all out there
on the table
baring my details
heart beating out of control
trusting, but oh!
so afraid of trusting

i swallow my key
and tell the guards to keep watch
over my treasury
because i’m valuable
remind me!
sometimes i misplace the pieces
of my heart

that excite and stir the dead things inside
the parched roots of my love
my tangled heartstrings
tingle with sensations
foreign longings

the clock is ticking inside my skull
i think i’m early
they told me ‘a watched pot never boils’
but i can’t look away
intrigued by the simplicity

that mockingbird outside my window
sings my song
it washes over me
and i’m content here

so join me
i’ll pull up a chair for you
here i am!
look at all the broken pieces
i’m a mosaic
of pottery and glass
i wonder if you think it’s beautiful
do you?

we all want
someone who sees all of us
and says
‘me too’
so that we don’t have to apologize
or compare ourselves
to the standards set for us

let’s just be

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