spring happening


we’ve been taking walks in the warmer weather. it’s quite an uphill trek to peters hill from our house, but my newfound spring energy gets us there. it was especially significant to take this hike during the boston marathon tragedy. looking out over the city when such chaos was going on… i can’t even fathom the horror during a normally festive occasion. i just keep praying, christ have mercy.

to take a different tone, the homes in our neighborhood are all so different. and check out those deer statues! there were at least 3 more in the little yard, and the house was pretty creepy/crappy. oh deer! ;)

tomorrow i turn 25, and i feel it will be a great year. robert and i have a special day planned. i’m so excited for him to have the day off, his first in 10 days! hooray!

spring is in the air :)

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  • Amy Mitchell

    How fun! I love those fresh, crisp air walks with the little one too.

  • Mom

    Happy birthday, sweet daughter!!! We hope you have a wonderful day with your sweet guys. We will talk later…
    Love, Mom

  • Megan

    Happy Early Birthday, Susanne!