this little scrunchie nose is really just making our world go round these days. it’s his new go-to face. i could not be more pleased!

scrunch face

on a different note, i’ve been reading  a lot [a lot!] of posts around mama-blog-world re: weaning these days. it makes me a little nervous, sad, and thoughtful during those quiet moments in archer’s darkened room. i’m so thankful to have that special bond with my babe, so so thankful. but knowing someday (not now!) he will be ready to move on is difficult. it also makes me sit back and marvel at motherhood. the whole process, man o man, it’s just intense. from that first “i’m pregnant!” moment to birth to now… and then we do it all over again for each baby! everything is constantly changing, growing, shifting, and i embrace more and more the privilege it is to care for this child of mine. thanks be to God.

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  • Amy Mitchell

    Also, it’s not fair that sweatshirts on babies immediately make them look like toddlers.

  • Amy Mitchell

    Ah, the scrunch! We love it here too, although it isn’t as common. I’ve been “preparing” for weaning too… in some ways I’m so ready, but in other ways I’m sure I’ll be so sad. Will you send me some of the posts you’ve been reading if you have a chance?