Prayer is to be a dynamic conversation with a living God who wants to see our hearts open to receiving all He has for us. -kate cremisino

The problem isn’t the Lord holding back from us, but our willingness to press in to have more of Him. -Alice Smith

Prayer is always awkward. I find it a bit like exercise—it always feels like [there are] a hundred more things that are pressingly urgent to do, especially with kids and jobs and deadlines, but you know that when you do it, you feel fantastic and actually achieve far more. -Samie Grieg

Praying without ceasing is really about relationship with the Lover of our souls, not about something we ‘do’ to be healthy Christians. As we find the time just to be with Him, we will become more at ease in communing throughout the day.-Tricia Rhodes

Aligning our hearts with God’s heart enables us to see our sins. And a willingness to humble ourselves leads to understanding and reconciliation. It’s not always easy, but when we give our struggles to God, our self-centered walls quickly fall down. -kate cremisino

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