park clean-up

The church we are part of has adopted a park in our corner of town–Mission Hill. The park serves as a place for some homeless folks to live. Every year, Shawmut Springs (our church) throws a party in the park and invites the whole neighborhood. This is actually how Robert and I heard about Shawmut.

A couple weeks ago we raked the leaves in the park and picked up trash. There were a LOT of leaves. It’s amazing what 2 hours on a Sunday morning can accomplish.

Hanley helped…

There were snakes. And earthworms the size of snakes.

Robert pulled weeds along the sidewalk.

I really enjoyed the morning–getting active to help the community. In a couple weeks we are going to throw a Christmas party for some kids in transition from foster homes. We are also collecting cans and coats to donate to homeless & the food pantry through my work. That is what Christmas is about, right? Giving generously to others! We were inspired by the Advent Conspiracy video below.


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