molar days


molars. they come with a vengeance. he hasn’t napped for days, unless i’m holding him. which is bad practice and makes my back hurt! very early mornings. i guess some babies are ok with teething, but archer is not one of them! we’ve been trying to stay busy… nice weather this weekend helped after days of rain! but robert being out of town for a wedding saturday-monday did not help. luckily adam & meghan came to save the day on sunday! that really got me through. i hope this long nap he’s taking right now means the worst is over… especially since the rain is back.

sweet bits and pieces amidst the battle of teething:

lemonadegaragediapersbreakstrawberry ricottablooms peonyshoes

1. whipped up some cucumber raspberry lemonade
2. exploring the neighborhood at least once a day
3. sun-drying is the best drying
4. sneaking in a quick snack and a few pages of this excellent book during a very short nap
5. strawberry ricotta popsicles
6 & 7. tree blooms. and oh my, the peonies!!!
8. our favorite baby shoes. i love them all, and they won’t break the bank. can’t wait to pick out our 12-18 month pair.


i can’t decide if .gifs are annoying or awesome ;)

.gif + truths + p.s.

look! i did a new thing with some pictures!

things that are true right now:

-it’s too hot. cut it out, new england. you’re better than this.
-if they don’t finish the construction downstairs so help me i will do it for them. precious nap time has been interrupted one too many times this week.
-i just googled: what to cook when it’s too hot to cook. open to suggestions!!! [vegetarian, no nuts, light on the dairy….]
-i’ve figured out to indirectly send photos through cyberspace to my very own instagram account. robert’s iphone > my email > my ipod touch > instagram. i know, right? complicated. not really sure it’s gonna last.
-the bangs are in an uncomfortable growing out stage. especially when stuck to my sweaty forehead.
-archer loooooves bath time and his new baby pool on the patio!!! also crawling around naked is the best and cutest way for him to stay cool.
-robert works too much. BUT i am thankful for his job and his hard work. people love some coffee & pastries! also, he served sam beam some espresso.
-our csa [community supported agriculture] started yesterday at the village farmer’s market! hallelujah amen.
-little bud somehow spilled a bottle of cooking oil on the wood floor yesterday. mopping with hot water + dish soap does wonders.
the handmaid’s tale is what i’m reading and it is so darn good so far. might be reading more margaret atwood in the future…
-just realized there’s a poo diaper sitting on the coffee table. i think that’s my cue…

signing off.

ps- i know. i never posted birth story. robert still hasn’t had a chance to proof it. someday…
pss- another gif for fun… from mother’s day :)

these parts


we’ve been around, but toddlers and blogging are not friends. ok, so not officially a toddler as he still isn’t toddling unless he holds on to something, but close. and definitely busy enough to deserve the title. i can hardly keep up, but being outdoors seems to help!


the weather has finally perked up some, and i’ve started running.  i think after 3 times it’s fair to say i’ve “started” and let’s hope it sticks! we had to get a new stroller and it’s SO much better. i ran over our old stroller (oops) but i think it was providence. i love the city micro i got cheap from a lady on craigslist. it was brand new, in the box!


mothers’ day was a dream. my own mom was here, and the drizzle in the morning turned into a glorious sunny afternoon for the lilac festival at the arboretum.


robert’s been working too much. what a surprise. but we still manage to find time for morning or evening walks some days. and popcorn most nights. :) archer and i did go visit him a couple times, and that always has its perks…


we celebrated my brother adam’s marriage one last time this past weekend. he and meghan threw an urban picnic and i’m so impressed. i so wish i was in a season of life where i could have helped plan it all out, but meghan did such a good job. there were so many fun and creative details. i think it was perfectly expressive of their personalities!

aaaand… as usual, the evangelista family is in transition–seeking and praying for future ideas, direction, opportunity. i’m sure the next year will be just as exciting as the last!

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