The whole family [all 3 of us] went to have some coffee the other day. It was fun to pack up the car [thanks again Adam & Leah] and head out into the city for a couple hours. Archer and I haven’t had much time out of the apartment the past 18 days. That’s right, he’s 18 days old!

Archer completely charmed all the ladies at the cafe with that sweet face. Needless to say, we make lots of new friends anytime we go out.

My mom, “Gigi,” has been here since A was born to help us, and “Papi” came to Beantown this weekend to meet the little guy. They flew out today so we’re on our own now! I have to be sure to nap while Archer naps, or I’ll be a very grouchy lady. Also, I must remember to feed myself. Between alternating feeding this chunk and changing his diaper every other hour I certainly have my hands full!

Happy Earth Day!

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