on the horizon


maybe i’ll come back to this place more frequently. maybe i won’t. life is always a’changing, and it’s all i can do to just keep up. jobs, home, church, friends, family, and self. always changing, it feels.

this babe we call our own is growing fast. and very busy. he insists on typing on my keyboard when i do, always being next to me whatever i’m doing. so many attempted posts or emails turn out like “as3 1 `3 4” and that’s fine. they rarely get posted or sent. at this very moment he hovers at my left knee doing this funny new tongue trick, which i think is meant to massage his top gums. the two front teeth race each other to cut through, and it makes a sad and cranky baby. on top of the runny nose from teething, our recent travels gave him some virus which makes him even more sad and cranky.


temperatures outside are single digits, feeling like negative digits. we’re holed up in our cluttered apartment. i’ve been tearing it up, pulling books off shelves, porcelain off windowsills, everything in the center of tables. boxes loom in corners. archer is into ev. er. y. thing. my closet also keeps falling, so all my hang-up clothes lay in a heap on the floor. so we orbit around these messes and i go a little crazy inside each time i create a new one.

honestly, this reality is not “woe is me” but just a that–reality. and why i cannot be more present in my own spaces.

maybe i’ll write more here, unedited, with photos of the same variety. there is no time for editing. and honestly, why would i want to remove or alter any of the already present beauty from this life?


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  • Amy

    Perfect post! And yes, Archie is just a doll (as always). You said it perfectly… I’m in the same boat. Blogging? Try ‘keep the baby away from bookshelves and outlets’. It’s reality. Thanks friend :)