last week

a few day-to-day scenes:


sweet tooth // meal planning // laundry sorting // crock potting


inquisitive at the grocery store (i’m embarrassed that these photos show both chips and white bread… these are the things robert won’t let go ;) in my quest to be 90% home-made and healthy!)





and that’s what happens when archer gets a hold of the computer when i’m not looking! yikes, mama ;)


the whirlwind that is our living room // a sweet floral trunk i scored at the thrift store a couple weeks ago // adding a little feminine to a modern ikea shade


archer & i visited robert at work for the first time on a day when it couldn’t decide whether to rain or shine // one of our glorious sunrises! the leafless view outside our front window is glorious!


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  • Clair J

    What a warm and beautiful home you have!

    And I didn’t even notice the chips and bread until you mentioned it. I am always posting healthy recipes, but I still cave in to Poptarts occasionally. ;-)