in town

Last week our good friend Katie was in town from Philly. She stayed with us for 9 days or so, and it was fun to have living community for a while. Katie brought us some goodies like pastries, beer, and bean dip from Philadelphia. We went to a Mission Hill local spot for a drink after she arrived.

Another night, Katie treated us to Indian fare in Brookline. Yum! Her car was towed for street cleaning, so some curry was just the right medicine after that adventure.

Robert took us to Audubon on Beacon Street on her last evening here. It was a beautiful night in Boston.

Katie, thanks for coming and sharing life with us for a week. We loved having you and miss you already!

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  • Katie Linton

    Dear Robert and Susanne,

    I miss you, too! Forrizzle. I am not making that up or saying it to be nice. In philadelphia i live six blocks from my boo but my bedroom has four walls :( Wish you were here every day when i got home, Susanne.


  • Megan Tovi

    Susanne, you are so pretty and so is Boston! It’s awesome to see that life is working out for you guys. The Lord seems to be blessing you greatly.