Honeymooning 2: Photos & Video

Here we are again… I believe in Part 1 we had just finished our Amtrak train ride from NYC to Vermont. Upon our arrival White River Junction the temperature was single-digit. Someone was digging their car out of a snow drift. The snow was up to our knees!

We got our rental car. There was only one place to eat in small-town Barnard, Vermont. It was closed. So we dropped our stuff off at the Maple Leaf Inn and drove back to Woodstock (about 10 miles back out) to chow down on burgers. Did I mention we were starving from the train ride?

Woodstock, Vermont is adorable.

We’ve learned something since moving to New England… People up here leave their Christmas decor up until the snow melts. In April.

We stayed at the Maple Leaf Inn. Our room was called Autumn Woods. If you know us at all this shouldn’t come as any surprise. We love Autumn!

The next day we woke up to beautiful breakfast and a glorious week ahead of us. We didn’t take a ton of pictures and you probably don’t need all the details… It was amazing. Here is a video…

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  • Katie & Christian

    What a darling video. I wish we could have been there to celebrate your special day. Many Blessings to you both.