april 2012 will always be remembered as a very happy time for us. and joyful. and ecstatic. and full. and so much more.

happy birth day for archer

happy birth day to me

happy easter

happy every day

so we’re a little behind, but i wanted to share some photos from easter day! archer was just 4 days old and we took him to our friends’ easter dinner. this was our first outing as a family.

see leah hiding in the back? she and adam (front left) have been amazing friends for us throughout pregnancy and these first weeks of archer’s life. this easter dinner was no exception. on a day when visiting another new church didn’t seem like the best plan for our 4 day old we were able to celebrate with the church in a different traditional way.

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  • courtney

    Awesome! Funny that papa Roberto has wine but no food. Ti’s the way of newborn parenthood. Glad L &A have been spoiling you. They’re good at that:) love-c&c