first snow

a week ago we had the first winter storm of the season. often called nor’easters, storms like this are not always welcomed with open arms. but there really is something about the first snowfall. it was so charming and soft. dusty, fluffy, like icing on a cake. all the houses on our street looked like they were dressed up for a party.

the air shimmered with excitement as robert and i set off on our first date since april. our friends, maggie and becca, played with archer at home while we sipped wine and ate antipasto at one of the neighborhood’s best spots. excitement turned to fear when i choked on some chorizo, but after about 15 minutes i recovered. it was so nice to just sit together and talk. our future is always full of question marks, but we are so thankful for our place right now.

and coming home to our cozy home with a cuddly baby boy was the best ending to our night.

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  • mon

    oh man, we missed the first snow. glad to hear you guys enjoyed it! :)