farmshare day

Today is farmshare pickup day! We are having another couple over for dinner so I’m looking forward to all the fresh, local veggies we will receive later today.

Last night before dinner Robert said, “Why don’t we just have a vegetable medley?” to which I responded, “Isn’t that what we have all the time now?” It’s true though, we eat fresh local fruits and veggies at almost every meal.

Here are some photos of our first share! This week will be our 4th share. So far we haven’t had a problem using all the vegetables. Except we have a surplus of green onion!!! Green onion in every dish!

lettuce, rainbow kale, chinese cabbage, strawberries, dalia flower, snow peas, potatoes, eggs, local honey, sugar snap peas, and green onion

So far it has been totally worth it! Grocery shopping is to a minimum and we feel so healthy. And responsible.

In other news, we looked at another apartment and are totally smitten with it! September 1 here we come…

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