eleven months

so, 11 days late i shall show how archer looks with his monkey


have i mention archer is pointing at ev-er-y-thing. robert remarked that he wakes up pointing, goes to sleep pointing. always! it’s pretty cute with those chubby fingers. reminds me of this post from this little mum. :) he’s also perpetually playing with/eating my hair. and he also plays with his own since it’s gotten so long!

he’s eating almost everything i cook! veggie burgers, baked goods, white bean casserole, to name a few. hooray for a good eater. most of the time.

he slept through the night a few times, but i believe another bottom tooth is coming in now. so that’s over. but papa has put him to bed solo two times, and i’m going out tonight for my brother’s art opening. hope that goes well! good luck robert!

let’s review:: 1 // 2 \\ 3 // 4 \\ 5 // 6 \\ 7 // 8 \\9 // 10

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  • http://www.rsevangelista.com/ Susanne

    oh my! i didn’t notice! thanks so much. :) i’ll get right on that…

  • Amy Mitchell

    Shut. Up. Archie, you are an absolute doll. Your hair is beyond fantastic. Don’t let your mama cut it for a long time, ok?

  • thislittlemum

    what a cutie! ah the pointy finger! him and Ava have a lot in common with their pointing and excellent eating :)

    always the way with sleep, you feel you made progress then a tooth or a cold or some such thing comes along and shakes things up again!

    did you see i nominated you for a liebster? love your blog!

  • Claire Stewart

    oh those blue eyes! i have an 11 month old also, it’s a incredible stage watching them on the brink of toddlerhood.