congratulations to the riffes

our friends joe & sydney got married at this gorgeous venue in sudbury, mass. it is the arabian horse farm, so naturally they had carrots available to give the horses a snack between the wedding and reception. archer wore the cutest white overall outfit that originally was my brother’s baptism garb. the two weddings i’ve attended with archer he’s been quiet as a mouse. i basically hold my breath expecting a coo or squawk or chatter from him (yes, he does sound like a bird sometimes) but he’s pretty sophisticated.

congratulations joe & sydney!

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  • The Evangelistas

    Thanks! I have never worn maxis before this one, but it is perfect for being comfortable, nursing easily, and looking nice at the same time!

  • Amy @ dwell in the season

    Also, I love your maxi skirt. I’m convinced they are one of the best post-partum clothing pieces. Looking pulled together + not having to shave in July = win. (Not that you don’t shave… but it’s certainly not high on my priority list these days. Sorry Jason.)

  • Amy @ dwell in the season

    What a gorgeous baby you have! Those eyes! That hair! I bet you just kiss him ALL day long. When I do that, I imagine Silas thinks, “Gee Mama, knock it off! I know I’m cute, but leave my cheeks alone already.”