winter spring


in the wee hours of yesterday [3 am?] i wandered into the laundry room to cover some beans i’d been cooling. [i sometimes use this room as a second refrigerator because it’s freezing] my sleepy eyes were struck by the snow falling steadily, and once again our world is buried. the old snow had nearly melted so this blanket of white is fluffy and fresh.

i really love shoveling. all morning i looked forward to archer’s nap so i could go out on the porch and shovel. there’s something about lifting heavy loads and throwing them far over the banister. breaking a sweat when it’s snowing outside. needing to take that extra layer off.


the entire day was devoted to laundry and bread. in the morning i baked this healthy banana bread. it’s excellent! archer loves it, and even robert asked for another slice. i found 2 lb of dates at the lebanese shop for $7. that’s a steal if you ask me. you can use chopped dates or date paste as natural sweetener.

i also made 3 batches of whole wheat bread dough, pizza dough, and pita bread. i’m building more and more confidence in baking with yeast. when the pitas puffed up it may have been one of my proudest moments! they were so amazing with hummus right out of the oven. i haven’t uploaded those photos yet, but don’t you worry. they’re coming.


the last day of winter deserved that blanket of snow. and my home smelled like fresh baked bread all day. i’d say that’s a successful adieu to the season! come on, spring!

on sunday


a nap like this just did not happen yesterday

Hebrews 4:9-10 So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.

we went to solemn mass instead of low mass, braving the longer service. the men & boys choir is remarkable, but they don’t sing during low mass. i crave the music. the ancient melodies are so moving, much more so than most contemporary christian ballads. the strong notes of the organ seem to penetrate the deepest parts of me. especially during lent the more contemplative and traditional setting seems so appropriate… my friend offered to take archer down with her girls during the homily and following prayers. during this time i nudged robert and whispered, “this is so nice!” i am glad to say i left inspired and revived.

after the service there were coffee hour handshakes and how do you dos. then it’s the guessing game of “will archer nap today?” and of course he slept for the fifteen minute ride in the car. i think at least two teeth are rearing their heads, so little man is a bit more ornery than usual.

we decided to make greek salads and walked to the local lebanese [greek?] pita shop to buy feta and kalamata olives. mmmmm. i whipped out some dressing, and boy did that hit the spot. not quite a st. patrick’s day meal…  we drank guinness extra stouts on the side to be festive.

it was during our lunch time that archer kept arching his back [true to his name] trying to climb out of his high chair. terrifying to say the least. i said, “sit on your bum!” and tried a strong, “no!” and he cried alligator tears. robert put him in his crib for a little “time out” but does he understand yet? it wasn’t until after robert went to work at 3:30 and about an hour of reading books, playing, lots of holding and whining that i threw in the towel. i let archer lay in the big bed with me for a fitful nap of about 30 minutes.

and then later, after archer’s surrender to bedtime, i bundled up on the back porch and closed my eyes hearing not the rush of traffic but of a river. or maybe a waterfall. could it be the ocean waves? i lifted my gaze to a clear sky above this little village. the moon, the constellations, and the bare branches against the deep blue–they wrapped around me. this is where i found my sabbath rest. the night held me still as fir needles shimmered in the street lamp. my mind relaxed and recalled that life flows from God.

perfect day

/\ /\ /\ a walk around JP pond /\ /\ /\

music monday resurrected… on a thursday because that makes tons of sense! but you’ll forgive me because you get two songs in one post! and an allusion to a third. if you find it, you get a kiss from archer.

glory be. one word: yesterday. the sun came out and melted the greying snowslush piles in this recently dismal city. the churchbells around the corner sang “spring is coming, spring is coming” and woke us all up from our hibernation. though the day still carried a bit of chill, cyclists pedaled around with cheesy smiles and neighbors high-fived as they passed each other on the way to the post office. it went a little something like this…

really though. here’s how it went down. robert had the day off. win #1. farmer’s lunch sandwich, paired with bbq kettle chips & natural soda at city feed & supply in JP. these are a few of my favorite things. afterward, we stopped by boomerang to hunt for some deals– ended up with two books and a vinyl. the history of love! i cannot wait to read this. it’s been on my to-read list for a year now. all day long, robert kept singing the same lyric over & over from this song by the oh hello’s. pay what you want [or get it free] for the album here because it’s SO good. like SOOOO good [!!!]

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