we’ve been out of town for the week so i just finished this little gem recounting our month of march with 11 month old archer! enjoy, grandparents and archer fans alike! :)




well folks, i’d call this one a success. just add to my weekly baking regimen.

find the recipe i used for whole wheat pita bread here!!! take the advice and only use as much flour as you need to clean the sides of the mixing bowl. i used under 3 cups.

in other news, archer has a 101.5-102 fever since last night. it was a rough sleep for both of us with lots of middle of the night story time and cuddles. though it seems the ibuprofen i gave him is allowing him a nice nap this afternoon! and a shower for mama. win-win! i’m also keeping another migraine at bay, so we are both a little under today.

i hope the weekend just gets better from here. seriously, try out that pita recipe if you have some time and a craving for puffy pockets of heaven.

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