Well shoot, the last 5 months have come and gone without a word here. Even though I didn’t find the time to document it, some serious stuff has happened!

We moved from Boston, MA to Savannah, GA and the lowcountry is treating us with true southern hospitality. Not only did we change locale, we moved in with another family of 3. The Archer family. Our toddlers (Archer and Georgia) are certainly going to be confused about first names, last names, and the state we live in. ;) Robert grew up an hour from Savannah, and he is best friends with some folks who still live here in Savannah. So we were automatically plugged into a very rooted and thriving community. Not only that, we’re several weeks into discussions about starting an intentional Christian community here in Savannah. All good things.

I don’t want to skim over our summertime fun, though. So here is a quick recap.

St. Augustine

Archer and I joined my parents in St. Augustine for vacation. During this time, our little man took his first steps!!! Robert stayed back in Boston to pack and move. I am forever grateful because there is nothing I hate more than packing and moving. (even though I’ve done it 7 times in 3 years)


We temporarily lived south of savannah with the Archers. It was tight quarters but helped us really hit the ground running and have some motivation to find the perfect place to live. And we really did find the perfect place to rent for this first year of Savannah life! Next to a park, schools, close to midtown, biking distance from most anything. We love it.

I’ve been doing some photography with Caroline under our name, Victory Stills. Reid and others from our group started an edible landscaping business called Victory Gardens. Robert was working for SCAD at first, but recently began working for the Church we are attending! God is truly affirming our decision to move here over and over and over.


As is apparent here, Archer and Georgia are good pals. More like brother and sister! Georgia calls him “Archer Bean” and when they leave each other’s sight it’s “Where’s Georgia?” or “Where’d Archer go?” What fun we have around here! It’s loud. And really messy. But there is never a lack of entertainment!


Our boy Archer is 19 months old now. And he is just the most fun. Talking up a storm, running around, and so full of personality. We’re so proud and amazed at the little boy he has become since we’ve moved. We just hit the tail of summer here in Savannah, but it was HOT! Hence the diaper-only attire.

So there you have it… Our hearts are full, our home is full, and our life is full. There’s so much more I could say. This is the tiniest tidbit of what we’ve been up to. Hopefully I’ll come back here more often to share life, inspiration, and the like.

.gif + truths + p.s.

look! i did a new thing with some pictures!

things that are true right now:

-it’s too hot. cut it out, new england. you’re better than this.
-if they don’t finish the construction downstairs so help me i will do it for them. precious nap time has beenĀ interruptedĀ one too many times this week.
-i just googled: what to cook when it’s too hot to cook. open to suggestions!!! [vegetarian, no nuts, light on the dairy….]
-i’ve figured out to indirectly send photos through cyberspace to my very own instagram account. robert’s iphone > my email > my ipod touch > instagram. i know, right? complicated. not really sure it’s gonna last.
-the bangs are in an uncomfortable growing out stage. especially when stuck to my sweaty forehead.
-archer loooooves bath time and his new baby pool on the patio!!! also crawling around naked is the best and cutest way for him to stay cool.
-robert works too much. BUT i am thankful for his job and his hard work. people love some coffee & pastries! also, he served sam beam some espresso.
-our csa [community supported agriculture] started yesterday at the village farmer’s market! hallelujah amen.
-little bud somehow spilled a bottle of cooking oil on the wood floor yesterday. mopping with hot water + dish soap does wonders.
the handmaid’s tale is what i’m reading and it is so darn good so far. might be reading more margaret atwood in the future…
-just realized there’s a poo diaper sitting on the coffee table. i think that’s my cue…

signing off.

ps- i know. i never posted birth story. robert still hasn’t had a chance to proof it. someday…
pss- another gif for fun… from mother’s day :)

belated and bedhead


since we were on lockdown on my birthday, i was so glad my new favorite shoes came in the mail. i had an oooold dillards gift card so they ended up costing $12. happy birthday to myself! i’ll take one in every color, size 8 please. :) of course, archer loved to play with the packing materials. i also painted my nails this lovely shade of coral. you can see the wonky job i usually do painting my own…


robert had the pastry chef at his cafe make a german chocolate cake with raspberry filling… i was so surprised and it tasted amazing.


and of course, how could i resist sharing these photos of my sweet boy’s bedhead and puffy nap eyes. he’s also trying to get some crumbs from my birthday cake. not for you, sorry bud! ;)

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