rhythm and perspectives

our days begin with the squeaky morning sounds of a little person. next come cuddles, coffee, oats. papa goes off to work. archer is already bored… so we go out for a walk. i listen to audiobooks [currently: the year of the flood] and wander the streets, parks, and of course the arboretum. every now and then my little passenger snoozes, but usually he’s sitting up stock straight, alert. such an inquisitive, energetic boy. always “woowoo” at the dogs and waving “hi” at the humans. pointing at any and everything and vocalizing with a constant question mark in his tone.

rarely do i remind myself to bring along the small black box with which i once took photos regularly… it lives buried deep in my bag, hidden from clumsy toddler hands… but there was this one day last week that felt particularly special and memorable. it’s not often you find a robin’s egg shell [twice last week!] or amble down the conifer path for the first time. i have a few photos to show for it.


i prefer my route to be ever-changing, but i’m nearing the edges of my walking radius. i stroll down the same streets day after day. yet it’s possible to see something new if i look closely. many commonplace things are lovely and can be appreciated again and again. for example, i had never noticed the bright yellow “boston” garbage can.  what i mean is, when you see something for the first time the entire landscape is novel. it’s a totally new image to store in your mind. if you pass by again, aim to notice another detail. the streets in springtime wear completely different expressions than they had in winter.  i am thankful for changing seasons. each new season is a gift, truly. i am thankful for new perspectives. and always, i am thankful for my son who helps me look at everything as if for the first time.

molar days


molars. they come with a vengeance. he hasn’t napped for days, unless i’m holding him. which is bad practice and makes my back hurt! very early mornings. i guess some babies are ok with teething, but archer is not one of them! we’ve been trying to stay busy… nice weather this weekend helped after days of rain! but robert being out of town for a wedding saturday-monday did not help. luckily adam & meghan came to save the day on sunday! that really got me through. i hope this long nap he’s taking right now means the worst is over… especially since the rain is back.

sweet bits and pieces amidst the battle of teething:

lemonadegaragediapersbreakstrawberry ricottablooms peonyshoes

1. whipped up some cucumber raspberry lemonade
2. exploring the neighborhood at least once a day
3. sun-drying is the best drying
4. sneaking in a quick snack and a few pages of this excellent book during a very short nap
5. strawberry ricotta popsicles
6 & 7. tree blooms. and oh my, the peonies!!!
8. our favorite baby shoes. i love them all, and they won’t break the bank. can’t wait to pick out our 12-18 month pair.


i can’t decide if .gifs are annoying or awesome ;)

around the house

Well, it looks like we will have an April baby! Easter is coming up, but I hope we don’t have to wait that long to meet our baby! My birthday is on the 19th, so no matter what we will have a lot to celebrate in April.

Since starting maternity leave, I’ve actually been using this Pinterest thing for productivity. I have polished our wood with DIY beeswax polish, sewn a lot of wedding gifts, hemmed some pants for Robert, made another batch of laundry detergent, organized, cleaned, created a farm share spreadsheet, finished laundry, made natural deodorant, baked 2 loaves of butternut squash bread, started 2 colors of sauerkraut, made fermented dill pickles, read Hunger Games, and sometimes I get out of the house. The weather hasn’t been very nice lately–cold and gray. I’m sad for all the flowers that were tricked into bloom and now hang their heads in the freezing temps.

Today I am working on a new blog design since I have some extra time on my hands. I’m also experimenting with new photo editing ideas since Picnik is closing on my birthday. I really like their rounded corners and collage features. So the photos of cabbage above are a little sample of what you can do on FotoFlexer. It’s similar to PhotoShop. That’s the best I could find so far. Any other suggestions?

Well, I’m going to go wash my shower curtain liner. And bake some whole wheat zucchini bread. Maybe clean some jewelry. I’ll also probably make some dish soap.

Come on baby!

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