it’s official. we have lived in boston for two years. two years ago we drove up the east coast with all our things loaded in a uhaul and our little honda hitched to the back. we were more than lucky to have one of our best friends chris help drive, unpack, and provide jolly good company. i recall eating turkey sandwiches at gas stations. watching the oscars for a bit at the hotel. robert and i have not had turkey sandwiches in nearly 2 years… and we have barely seen any movies this year… i digress. two years ago we were young, hopeful, determined, inspired, and best of all: newlywed. we had no idea what adventures were coming for us here in boston. expectations were not met. things did not go as planned. as life usually goes, you know? plans, shplans. i do say, each sloppy kiss from our baby son, each jibber jabber, each eruption of laughter are proof that we did something right.

ps- i just discovered the illustration above, and all of the artist’s works are just as great.


Dad first ID 001


Last week, this great man went on ahead. I have a really amazing family and so many of them were around him singing, praying, and supporting. For years, his kids and grandkids have been caring for Grandpapa. He and grandmama lived with us for a little while, and we always spent holidays together after our family moved back to Georgia. I just remember one thanksgiving when he started eating pie straight out of the pan. Hilarious! He had a great laugh. He was brave and determined. He had a big heart. Reading through some newspaper clippings, letters, and memories I am so proud of my lineage. See you later, Grandpapa. Your huge family will always carry your legacy. And we can eat pie together in heaven.

mm: 3

here we are again, another week.

i’m a little late preparing this one. it’s sunday during naptime. down to the wire, i tell ya. i feel like my musical selection this week may be cheating. the beatles? duh. sorry if you’re thinking, “boy, what an obvious choice.” try again next week. i’ll try to be more original.

abbey road, people. one of my favorite summertime albums. and would you look at that: we have it on vinyl. this was a glorious surprise on wednesday morning. how did i not know this??? one good thing about moving is that you discover your own things again. like shopping, but at your own house.

as much as i love the ease of music on the internet, robert and i often play vinyl records. tools like spotify help us listen to any music anytime. one of my other favorites,, creates a list of recommended artists by tracking what you are already listening to. it’s great! but there’s nothing like listening to a record purely for the pleasure. when robert and i first started dating we began buying albums on vinyl. it was like a time machine because we didn’t have a record player yet. i bought him a record cabinet off craigslist for his birthday that year. it’s well-loved and one speaker doesn’t work, but it helps us slow down and appreciate our favorite music.

the beatles songs are what i sing to archer when “the farmer in the dell” and “the ants go marching” are worn out… here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo, here come’s the sun, and i say, it’s alright. i feel pretty weird posting a video of myself singing, but i did record “golden slumbers” back when i still wore glasses and had a lot more free time. it’s a great little lullaby.

there were years where i was mostly listening to country and contemporary christian radio stations. i knew all the rascal flatts lyrics by heart. and i still hung onto hope i’d marry zac hanson… [don’t knock ’em. this led me to check out their newer stuff, i mean, how fun is this video?] of course, i got older, more sophisticated (hah) and widened my horizons quite a bit. one summer, riding with windows down my world was changed by a burned cd decorated with sharpie that read “abbey road.”

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