well folks, i’d call this one a success. just add to my weekly baking regimen.

find the recipe i used for whole wheat pita bread here!!! take the advice and only use as much flour as you need to clean the sides of the mixing bowl. i used under 3 cups.

in other news, archer has a 101.5-102 fever since last night. it was a rough sleep for both of us with lots of middle of the night story time and cuddles. though it seems the ibuprofen i gave him is allowing him a nice nap this afternoon! and a shower for mama. win-win! i’m also keeping another migraine at bay, so we are both a little under today.

i hope the weekend just gets better from here. seriously, try out that pita recipe if you have some time and a craving for puffy pockets of heaven.

winter spring


in the wee hours of yesterday [3 am?] i wandered into the laundry room to cover some beans i’d been cooling. [i sometimes use this room as a second refrigerator because it’s freezing] my sleepy eyes were struck by the snow falling steadily, and once again our world is buried. the old snow had nearly melted so this blanket of white is fluffy and fresh.

i really love shoveling. all morning i looked forward to archer’s nap so i could go out on the porch and shovel. there’s something about lifting heavy loads and throwing them far over the banister. breaking a sweat when it’s snowing outside. needing to take that extra layer off.


the entire day was devoted to laundry and bread. in the morning i baked this healthy banana bread. it’s excellent! archer loves it, and even robert asked for another slice. i found 2 lb of dates at the lebanese shop for $7. that’s a steal if you ask me. you can use chopped dates or date paste as natural sweetener.

i also made 3 batches of whole wheat bread dough, pizza dough, and pita bread. i’m building more and more confidence in baking with yeast. when the pitas puffed up it may have been one of my proudest moments! they were so amazing with hummus right out of the oven. i haven’t uploaded those photos yet, but don’t you worry. they’re coming.


the last day of winter deserved that blanket of snow. and my home smelled like fresh baked bread all day. i’d say that’s a successful adieu to the season! come on, spring!

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