big fella

Either he’s really anxious about going to the pediatrician, or he and his two puppy friends are casting a magical spell. Or he’s pooping. What do you think? This could be one of those “write your own caption” pictures.

Well, I made it to the pediatrician and back in one piece this morning. I celebrated with a decaf americano at the coffeeshop a couple doors down. The doc told me to keep up the good work so hopefully we have another month until we go back to that place.

One Month Stats:

Weight: 10 lb 9 oz (up 2 lb since he left the hospital)

Length: 21.5 inches

Grow, Archer, Grow! No wonder my biceps are getting huge.

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  • Amy @ dwell in the season

    Go, Archer! Also, buddy, your hair rocks. (And I think you’re pooping in this picture. Silas has a very different, equally hysterical, pooping face.)