belated and bedhead


since we were on lockdown on my birthday, i was so glad my new favorite shoes came in the mail. i had an oooold dillards gift card so they ended up costing $12. happy birthday to myself! i’ll take one in every color, size 8 please. :) of course, archer loved to play with the packing materials. i also painted my nails this lovely shade of coral. you can see the wonky job i usually do painting my own…


robert had the pastry chef at his cafe make a german chocolate cake with raspberry filling… i was so surprised and it tasted amazing.


and of course, how could i resist sharing these photos of my sweet boy’s bedhead and puffy nap eyes. he’s also trying to get some crumbs from my birthday cake. not for you, sorry bud! ;)

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  • Clair J

    So happy to be catching up with you again!

    And sorry to hear that you were on lockdown for your birthday. =/ Hope the belated celebration was awesome. Sounds like it…German chocolate is one of my favorite kinds of cake!

  • Amy Mitchell

    Your hair looks fantastic! I’m so glad you got to celebrate your birthday :)