autumn remnants: Harvard Medical School

I took these photos at my favorite lunch spot a couple weeks ago. It was hovering in the mid 60s so each day I found a spot of sunshine to sit in for my lunch hour. Usually, I head to the Harvard Medical School quad and read or peoplewatch. It’s a very beautiful and well-manicured spot to spend some time.

Sitting inside the hospital is not quite as enjoyable as this, but the peoplewatching is pretty top notch. I will have to find creative places to eat as the weather turns cold and snowy.

Autumn this year has been too fast! I feel like it just flew by. Wasn’t it yesterday we were getting engaged on a beautiful day in October? Wait, that was last year! Goodness, I can only imagine how I’ll feel with my baby in my arms next Autumn.

I still have some more Autumn Remnants to share in the next couple days. Then, Advent will become a highlight! Also, I really need to get more serious about belly pictures–I’m growing so fast!!! We are almost 23 weeks. Good grief!

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  • Joel

    Susanne! Someone is really good at taking pictures. Perusing the blog, and saw some amazing stills.

  • Hannah Brahm

    You’re right- time flies incredibly fast with babies. It’s just stupid that my littlest one will be one in less than a month.