6 months old

My little buddy is half a year old today. I cannot believe this. Yesterday I thought to myself, six months ago I was still laboring! And I would be for almost another 12 hours! Hopefully in the next few days I’ll write up my birth story to share. It’s about time.

Archer’s first tooth cut through on the last day of September. He’s already a pro at eating rice cereal, and doesn’t quite know what to think about banana. Acorn squash is next on the menu. Then applesauce. Let the fun begin! Also, I think he will be sitting up on his own any day now.

We’ve had some illness going around in our house. This on top of teething has made for much less time for blogging. That’s okay because the important thing is that I’m the best mama I can be for my little man. And the best wife I can be for my husband man.

I put together this little video of Archer’s changes in the past month. I know I’ll look back and be so glad I have this footage to remember his milestones by.

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  • Gigi

    Hilarious…what’s with the tongue so far out of his mouth!!! I love seeing the changes in him since FL. Can’t wait ’til we see you all, my dears!!!
    Love, Gigi