23 weeks


How far along? 23 weeks in this blurry picture (24 in reality)

Total weight gain: Oh boy, this is the fun part. 14-15?

Maternity clothes: I went shopping yesterday in hopes of finding pants to wear. Sorry, but $40 a pair is too much. Goodwill had nothing. Looks like I’ll be wearing tights all week! Again!

Sleep: The leg pillow is still in place. Not falling asleep quite as easily.

Miss Anything? Bending over with ease.

Movement: Go, baby, go! At Bible study Wednesday I could see baby moving around. Robert has felt the kicks several times now. We both love it.

Food cravings: Burger. Clementines. Oatmeal.

Symptoms: I think this might just be a result of my stressful job, but I’ve been getting heart flutters.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody– meaning laughing 1 minute, crying the next. Sorry, Robert.

Looking forward to: The weekend! Starting Christmas traditions! Finding pants that fit!

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  • http://dwellintheseason.blogspot.com/ Amy @ dwell in the season

    I’ve been eating clementines like crazy too! One of my students even got me chocolate with orange flavor for Christmas because she said the baby seems to like oranges to much :) You look so beautiful pregnant!